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LINKS for kids provides kids with a variety of learning tools and activities. Check your understandings and skills. Parents, teachers, and others may also wish to try some of these. You’ll find read along stories, math games and math lessons. Science and social studies materials will be coming on line soon.
Math Introduction Math Introduction
Start here to find out what you can learn in the math section.
Illustrated Lessons Illustrated Lessons
You’ll find six interactive, illustrated math lessons on math concepts or the “big ideas” of math.
Illustrated Lessons
Four SuperMath games give you a chance to learn and test your skills.
Reading Introduction Reading Introduction
Start here to find out what you can learn in the reading section.
Read-Along Audio Stories Read-Along Audio Stories
In these eleven stories different animals help us learn about ourselves and the things that are important to us. See what they have to say to you!
Science Coming Soon!
Study Skills
Study Skills Coming Soon!

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