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Reading LINKS Training Manuals

(obtain by downloading pdf files)

A set of six training manuals have been developed to extend the use of the Reading LINKS CDs. The training modules provide materials for the trainers to use in three to six hours sessions in workshops, study groups, or other training events. The materials include a manual for facilitators and participants and one for participants.

The manuals provide a sample agenda, an introductory learning activity, a power point presentation, engagement and practice activities, a summary, and many resources to be used in the training and for personal use and reference. The topics covered include the following.

Facilitator and Participant Manuals Participant Manuals Only
Phonemic Awareness Manual Phonemic Awareness
Phonic Manual Phonic
Fluency Manual Fluency
Comprehension Manual Comprehension
Vocabulary Manual Vocabulary
Reading & Writing Connections Manual Reading & Writing Connections


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