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Assessing Curriculum: Teacher Checklist
Classroom Practices
1. Have you ever developed a yearly instructional plan to cover the five mathematics content areas and the four processes needed at the grade level you teach?
2. Is the instructional plan aligned with state and district goals and standards and the school mathematics curriculum?
3. Do your instructional texts and materials cover the content and processes needed at your grade level?
4. Do you use a variety of teaching methods and strategies involving direct instruction and student centered instruction as appropriate?
5. Do you use questioning strategies to move students to higher levels of thinking and reasoning?
6. Do you encourage students to explain their thinking verbally, in writing, and through representations?
7. Do you use manipulatives, models, representations, and role playing to explain math concepts and operations?
8. Do you differentiate the curriculum to meet students at varying levels through ongoing classroom assessment, flexible groups, and meaningful activities?
9. Do you engage all students in active, hands-on learning in which they can explore their understanding of math concepts and develop operations skills?
10. Do you teach and review mathematics vocabulary words on a regular basis?
11. Do you encourage small group discussions, shared problem solving and cooperative learning with students?
12. Do you use short classroom exercises to assess student learning and making any necessary adjustments?
13. Do you use technologies such as calculators, computers, graphing calculators, etc.?
14. What three things could you do to improve and intensify your mathematics instruction?










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